Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15

Up an at ‘em early this morning.  Was wide awake by 6am.  Out of bed by 6:30.  Decided to go for coffee.  Left an invite for the room mate.  I am assuming he won’t show up.  Won’t even respond to the message.  Oh well.  His loss.

I am sitting here at a local restaurant wondering why I have stayed this long.  I am going to be leaving this town with a very bad impression of it.  Such a shame too.  I’m sure there are good people here.  I just haven’t found very many of them.  Okay, that’s not 100% right.  I’ve found a few.  But have not been able to develop any sort of relationship to be able to get together with them.  I’m pretty sure it’s partially due to my room mate.  No one wants him around.  No one.  And if they think an invite for me includes him, well then I’m SOL. 

Guess I kind of brought it on myself.  That is the way it was for a long time.  I didn’t want to exclude him.  I honestly believed he was a good man.  Now...

Anyhow, I’m feeling good this morning.  Coming down from yesterdays endorphins, but still doing okay.  No real aches or pains.  Lungs are not too bad.  I was having a few coughing fits last night, but nothing major.    Now to decide if I’m going running again today.  I am leaning towards yes.  I really need those endorphins to get through this weekend. 

Well, the room mate showed up for coffee.  Not because I was there.  But rather in spite of that fact.  He was even civil when we were there.  But it was all a show.  As soon as everyone cleared out, so did he.  No see ya.  Nothing.  Just gone.  Getting really sick of this bull from him.  Who does he think he is?  I honestly believe he thinks the world revolves around him.  And that if people don’t agree with that, they are just something to take his anger out on.  Seriously screwed up that boy...

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