Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday May 30

I haven't checked in for a while now.  No biggie.  I've been a bit busy.  Mostly it's due to wondering how long my room mate will keep being nice to me for.  It has me on edge a bit. 

Wondering when he'll loose his temper again. 
Wondering why he's being so nice.
Just wondering.

I really need to get out more.  I can't stand being cooped up in that house so much of the time.  Been trying to reach out to a few people around town.  Just not really sure about it anymore.  One day it'll be fine.  Next day I get brushed off. 

I just need a change.  I really don't know what though.  Maybe I should pick up and leave town.  No job lined up in Calgary though.  Hmm.  Maybe I should make plans to just go anyway.  Work for so long, then pack up and go. 

The neighbors wife is back hitting on my room mate again.  I really don't understand why it upsets me so much.  I am not interested in my room mate that way.  It just gets to me.  She complains about how her hubby treats her, and how she has very few friends in town.  Guess what!  Stop cheating on your husband.  Be a faithful wife, and maybe people will start to think you might have it in you to be a faithful friend again too!!!  No one wants a friend who's likely to start hitting on their hubby/boyfriend.  I guess it's really none of my business though...

I was shopping online for some new fitness clothes.  I am struggling to loose weight.  And new workout clothes helps sometimes.  But I can't decide.  I guess I'll have to go into a shop one of these days...soon.  There is a new shop that has opened up in Regina.  They are competing with Lululemon.  They have the long yoga pants.  I mean really long - 36" inseam.  Just what I need.  And some nice colors.  Maybe it's time for a road trip.  Go shopping.  Get something new and nice.  I was thinking of something like these too:

I still might get these.  You can't hide ANYTHING when wearing something like this.  Would be good for progress pictures.  Mind you, I do have those bikini's...

Besides, shorts ride up on me.  My thighs are still too close together.  I am starting to wonder if I'll ever loose those fat deposits.

However, having an outfit like this and wanting to wear it out for a workout might be enough motivation to work for it.

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