Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My anxiety is easing up a bit, but...

it is not gone yet.  If it was, I wouldn't be writing again.  It is better though.  That run helped.  I cut my training run short.  It was going great.  I just decided after 3 days of being sick and not eating right to fuel these runs, I needed to go to Co-op and get a nice salad for lunch.  And nice it was.  Spinach leaves.  Romain lettuce.  Baby shrimp.  3 hard boiled eggs - removed the yolks though.  Grilled chicken pieces.  Cucumbers.  Mushrooms.  Yummy.  Should have taken a pic with my iPhone. 

I have been thinking of that.  I should really take more pics of what I eat.  It'll help me be more aware what I'm fueling my body with.  Besides, it won't be hard.  My iPhone takes great pics.

I am trying to still decide what I am going to do to keep myself out of the house later.  I am debating texting a friend.  Seeing if he wants to go to a movie or something tonight.  Just as friends.  Why not?  Just because he may read more into it than that, not biggie.  Who knows.  Maybe there can be more someday...

Besides.  I NEED to get out and get a life.  It won't hurt to ask, will it?

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