Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Money, money, money

Same old stress.  Most of us have it.  Well, it's taking front and center today. 

Colin wants some keytags printed and shipped.  I found if I order them now, I can get them for 30% off, and they will be here early next week.  Just what he needs. 

So I texted him and told him what they would cost.  Asked him if he could afford them, or if we needed to wait.  He told me to order them based on the prices I told him.  Right after I ordered them, he tells me he has to use his credit card.  WHAT!!!  I just clicked pay.  The money is coming out of my bank account within 24hours.  I can't use a credit card!  I need cash to cover this. 

What a pain in the butt.  So now I have to dip into my savings for SF this fall, to cover this payment.  So NOT happy about that.  Told him I can cover some of it, but I need as much as he can get.  I'll only have to come up with about $100 for now.  I just hope he plans on paying me back.  If not, I sure won't be doing this again any time soon...

Top this all off with the money issues I've been having already.  ARGH!

My daughter told me a day or so ago that she wants to go to a summer art camp.  $500 if she can't get the scholarship.  I was busy mulling over in my mind about how to make this work, and she texts me this morning telling me her cell phone is broken.  We just got it for her in September last year!   I just can't take this.  I am ready to tell her it's her responsibility to pay for both if she wants them.  I told her she has to pay for the cell phone.  That was the 3rd one she's destroyed.  Now she will have to pay for it. 

But I'm also debating leaving the art camp up to her too.  She'll have to decide.  What's more important to her - cell or art camp.   I am struggling to save enough to take her with to SF this fall.  I can't afford everything!

Oh.  For anyone who cares, I texted a friend about a movie or supper this week.  Haven't heard back. Don't really expect to.  He's probably got no idea how to say no way!  I am getting sick n tired of this.  I don't expect to meet Mr. Right around here, but just someone to spend time with.  Am I really that repulsive???

Okay, I shouldn't go there right now.  I've got enough issues with room mate, etc.  Can't deal with those insecurities too...

Maybe I can find some extra work.  Pick up some extra cash along the way...

Hmm.  I just might be able to do something with that.  I just have to decide what it  is I want to  or am willing to do.  No, nothing illegal or illicit!  I know computers.  Many people around here don't.  I   am also a dance instructor.  I know how to clean as well.  Got a commercial carpet cleaner with me here.  And I have access to heavy duty  floor cleaning equipment.  My room mate can introduce me to an owner of a construction company.  I  can get back into post construction cleaning.  No guarantee I'll make much at any of these, but it's better than nothing right?

Anyone interested in learning  the Texas Two Step?  Or West Coast Swing?  I'm a good teacher ;)

I am actually dancing in this video.  I taught about 10 couples the routine before this flash mob.  It was GREAT fun. 

Yeah, there's all kinds of stuff you'll learn about me, if you want to come along for the ride. 

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