Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wow.  What a crazy week.

Tammy did get back to me and offer the truck again.  I told her I might be able to make other arrangements if this wouldn't work for her.  She assured me it was okay.

Then on Tuesday she called me.  She needed to drive Kyle to Winnipeg - he had to get out of her house.  She needed me to sit with the kids on Tuesday night, and she'd be back Wednesday night. 

My first thought was okay, if she does this, and leaves the truck, I can get it detailed, and still go.  Even if she didn't get back in time, I could take the kids.  There is enough room in her truck.

Well, I was beyond pissed when she loaded up the truck and buggered off. 

More pissed off when I tried to fall asleep, but couldn't.  It was because of all the bugs.  I think they were wood ticks.  Crawling all over me.  I couldn't handle it. 

So needless to say I only got 3 hours sleep that day.  I took care of her kids all Wednesday too. 

Wednesday late afternoon, I called her.  She was running around Winnipeg doing "stuff".  Well, I told her I needed to sleep.  I needed her to come home so I could drive the next day, and I couldn't sleep at her place.  She said she would get moving, and to call her in a bit.

The plan was to have supper with Lee in town, then take the kids home and wait for Tammy.  Well, Lee and I had a fight, so I ended up taking the kids home for supper.

After everyone ate, and the boys were in the tub, I called Tammy.  She was on her way back.  She said she'd be there in 5 hours, and I could call the neighbor to sit with the kids.   I told her I could wait the 5 hours, so just please get home.  This was at 9pm. 

I woke up at 4am - again after 4 hours and fighting off bugs all night.  No Tammy.  I called her.  No answer.  I called the neighbor.  No answer.  I was done.  I decided one more chance for Tammy to answer her phone, or I was taking the kids to the police or hospital. 

She picked up her phone and made some lame excuse as to why she was not home.  I told her I was done.  I had to leave in an hour.  She was still 5 hours away.  Told her I couldn't help that.  I was leaving. 

She had her daughter stay home from school for the day to take care of the boys.  I have no idea what happened that day.  Lee came to get me, and I got back to town, loaded, and on the highway to pick up my daughter by 6am.

I was suspecting that she wouldn't come back.  In the back of my mind, even before I went there, I was worried about it.  She did this to someone else last year - she went for a "day" trip to Regina, and ended up in BC for a week.  That time she took her kids, but left her ill father. 

I knew this and I still went.  I would've taken the kids with me, if she'd left me the truck.  But...

I can't call CPS.  I am worried for the kids.  I am so disgusted by what she did, but I can't do that to her.  But I am so afraid for those kids.  I really do love them. 

Wow.  No wonder I feel like I've been through the ringer these past few days.

At this point, I'm assuming she hates me.  She likely feels I abandoned her kids, when the reality is she did that.  She KNEW I was going to get my daughter on Thursday morning.  She KNEW I was leaving.  What is wrong with her?  Oh yeah.  The drugs. 

I will not call her.  I will not text her.  I am assuming we are done done done.  It hurts, but not as much as what happened this week. 

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