Friday, June 8, 2012

Never thought I'd ever see that...

wow.  What a night - and no not a good one.

Tammy is so much worse than I thought.  Last night I saw her doing much stronger drugs than I ever thought she'd ever do.  Just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I knew she had drug issues, but I didn't think she did anything harder than pot.  What an eye opener.

Terry too.  He was there.  I saw him the night before.  We were all having drinks and a bonfire at Tammy's.  Of course, there was pot.  There's always pot.  No biggie.

Terry was acting differently though.  He was not crowding me, but almost hovering.  It was strange.  I just kept an eye on him and what he was up to.  He didn't try anything.  He kept getting me drinks.  Then when I fell asleep - yes fell asleep not passed out - he made sure I was in a bed with a good pillow and left.  As soon as his truck pulled out, I was up and out of bed again and out with everyone.  I just needed some down time and I was right back up and in it again for a while.

Last night, same kind of thing.  He was just being so considerate.  Seeing him high like that was a major turn off.  Not that he ever had a chance of turning me on again anyway, but wow.

We went for a short walk around the farm.  He made sure I had a warm enough coat.  And we just talked.  When he and Chad left, he asked me if it would be okay to get a hold of me to talk again.  I told him he knew where to find me.

I don't expect him to contact me any time soon.  Tammy and her boarder went to Regina today for something.  I'm assuming he's with them.  Just a good reminder of how he was before, and that I NEVER want to go back there again.  NEVER!

But then why can't I get this out of my head???

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