Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last night, Lee and I had a fight.  Rather, he got mad at me, and I left.  I'm such a mess I won't fight with him.  It will only lead to things said that can't be taken back. 

So I went out.  Tammy invited me over - the whole reason Lee was upset with me to begin with.  Tammy's been avoiding me lately.  Last night I found out why.  She's still smoking *#@(%.  It upset me to see her in this state, so I went over to see Terry.  He asked me to stop by.  In about a half hour we were on our way to Tammys. 

He was trying to talk her into stopping. 

As much as it hurt last night, I'm glad I went.  When we were talking on the way to Tammy's I told Terry why I didn't stick around.  He didn't need to be around that crap.  I was worried for him.

After we were there for just over an hour, Terry lit up too.  I almost cried. 

We left a few hours later.  I sat with Terry and watched part of a movie.  He had to go to bed for work, so I got up and left.  I think he was hoping I'd stay, but there's no way.

As much as it hurt me to see what I saw last night, I think I needed to.  No matter how much I care for these people, it doesn't change anything.  Instead it breaks my heart. I hate to see these kids having to live like this.  But it's not my baggage.  I need to walk away from all of it before it becomes my baggage.

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