Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a crazy, eventful month so far.  I think things are settling down a bit now.  I am no longer having regularly occurring panic attacks.  I still have some anxiety, but no where near as bad as they were for the first two weeks.

My daughter wants me to come pick her up as early as this Thursday.  I am trying to arrange a truck to take to go and get her, but it's like bashing my head into a brick wall.

Tammy offered.  I even checked with her again a few days later to make sure it was all good.  Then when I let her know I was thinking I'd go this week to see if it works, she never answered me.

Wow.  Why not just be honest and tell me no.  I mean really.  This is really putting a strain on our friendship.  If she can't be honest with me, then forget it.  I know she's got a lot of users in her life.  Then she goes on and on about how everyone's using her.  I'm assuming that's what's happening right now, and I'm being painted with that same brush.  I've already told her.  I don't expect anything out of her.  I don't want any thing from her.  I am just there for her.

So why would she even offer if it's such a big deal?  I mean really.  She didn't have to say anything.  I wasn't asking to borrow her truck.  I was telling her I needed to get one.  That's all.  So I guess I still need to get one.  Or get a trailer and a trailer hitch...

Just finished buying a trailer hitch for my vehicle online.  It should be here in 2-3days.  Here's hoping.  Then I have to get a trailer...

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