Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well, today will be a week since I talked to Terry.  Last time we talked, I was worried about him.  There was a storm passing through - risk of tornado.  And the way the clouds were swirling...

Anyhow, it was all okay.  We were just texting back n forth. 

On Wednesday - the next day - I sent a text to see what he was up to.  No answer.  I texted and asked if he was not talking to me.  No answer.  Here we are a week later...

I am pretty sure they both lost my number.  Tammy knows how to reach me without my cell number.  Hell, she did it to get me come out when she left her kids two weeks ago. 

I'm just trying to walk away.  No more of any of this crap from any of them. 

So why does it still hurt so much?

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