Monday, July 16, 2012

It's been a pretty uneventful weekend.  Lee had to work overtime both Saturday and Sunday, so I was left to my own devices.  Adrienne was working too, so it was just me.  Saturday seemed to be a go go go day.  Just lots of little running around things to do.  Sunday I was busy canning.

I made lots of  stuff yesterday.  Four more jars of tomato sauce, and four jars of a cherry dessert topping.  You have no IDEA how long it took me to pit all those cherries.  I had 5lbs plus 5 cups of cherries when all was said and done.  After the almost 2 hours of pitting cherries, I thought I'd likely never do that again.  But then I tasted some of it.  YUMMY!  It was so worth the effort. 

Oh, the 5 cups of cherries?  I made a second smaller batch.  It was cherry pie filling.  Later today I'm going to try my hand at making a gluten free pie crust, and make a home made cherry pie too.  I'll be sure to post a picture of it when I'm done - success or failure. 

So yeah, yesterday was a full day in the kitchen again.  The tomato sauce cooks for 4 hours, that doesn't include the chopping, blanching tomatoes, cooking up the onions, etc.  Just a full 4 hours after all is mixed and it's come to a boil.  So I'd say between 5 and 6 hours.  Then canning takes time too.

So I try to make two big pots every time I do this.  It takes so long that I want to make it worth my while to do it.

Later this week, I'll be going to the u-pick farms to get some more fruit and berries.  I mostly want to make dessert topping's.  I don't eat much jam, so there's no use doing that for now.  Lee wants to come berry picking with me, so I guess I'll be waiting for a weekend day off.

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