Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What a friggin scam!

I am friggin PI$$ED OFF today.

I got transfered to another office at work a few weeks ago. I was told it was at most only an extra 5minute drive. WRONG. It's about twice as far.

Anyhow, out here, everyone who gets hired gets at least one hour of OT to go towards travel. It takes everyone almost an hour each way, but generally everyone gets an extra hour.

Today I talked to the boss about this. He said no. I agreed to this, and that's all there is. I told them when I accepted the job, it was with a 20min drive, not a 55min drive.

Their opinion - too bad.

I have a lot to consider now.

Do I look for a new job?
In all honesty, I like my job here. I don't mind the overtime shifts either. But come on. Heck, some guys out here get paid from the minute they leave thier house 75minutes away, until they get back.

I'm just so frustrated right now.

In the meantime, I'm not going to knock myself out anymore. Not for this crap. They have even said already, I am doing more work than the girl I am replacing. And she had the extra hour available to her.

Plus in all reality, I'm here longer! Not by much, but I'm here working at my desk 15minutes earlier EVERY DAY! I can tell you, that's going to end RIGHT NOW!

What a friggin scam.

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