Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am really not sure what this all will bring.  All I know for sure is things are tense. 

Hubby and I haven't really even tried to fix this yet.  Instead, we are both kind of pretending it didn't really happen.  Mind you, things are not right. 

He bought me a necklace yesterday.  I wish he hadn't.  I can't be bought.  So I just put it in the bag with the jeans I had just bought myself earlier that morning.

Seems strange, but my frustration out of this mess is what's fueling my motivation to move again.  To not just sit here and let my behind expand anymore.  I really kicked it out of the park yesterday.  Not once did I feel bad for putting my moving ahead of some us activity.  I had no reason to.  Hubby was still nursing a hang-over, and at this point knows better than to try to guilt me into anything.  He's lucky I'm still here. 

Actually, if I had somewhere else to go, I would've gone for the weekend. 

Anyhow, today is a new day.  I have some things I really should take care of before a new work week starts.  Groceries.  Preparing as much as I can ahead of time regarding meals, etc.  Laundry.  Laying out my fitness gear so I don't have to search for it after a long day at work.  Putting away the new jeans, etc I've picked up this weekend.  And generally getting a game plan together. 

In all honesty, I haven't slept well in a few days either.  Last night was under 6 hours.  I need to fix that tonight.  I can't be running on half a tank of rest and fuel the huge amounts I have to do every day.

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