Friday, January 11, 2013

This morning Hubby really pissed me off.  This is a bad one. 

He knows I'm not happy with the weight I've put on.  I have a jacket that used to fit, and now "stretches" across my chest when I zip it up. 

Today I tried it on.  It's a little looser than it was.  I haven't been able to focus on my weight loss, but I felt so wonderful.  It's a little looser. 

Well, he walked in and busted out laughing.  The told me that it will never change. 

I got pissed off and walked out.  No good-bye kiss on my way to work.  Just walked. 

I don't even want to be here now.  I'm home early - a winter storm has shut my office down for the day.  You can see the mess of that all in my previous two blogs. 

Anyhow, I'm done with his crap.  No more talking me into not pushing my fitness like I KNOW I need to in order to see progress/results.  No more talking me into eating out, or making pasta my "go to" supper.  I'm DONE.

And if he thinks sex is going to come before my running, he's off his nut.  At this point, I don't even want him touching me at all.

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