Sunday, July 10, 2011


Like the image on page background today says - Attitude is Everything.

I know this. On more than one occassion, my attitude has either carried me through what I should not have been able to do. It has also kept me from being able to reach my potential.

It's a mental game. In more ways than most people realize.

Yes, it is key to listen to your body. If you are experiencing pain, STOP. If you need to, see a doctor.

For me there are a few key factors I follow. As well as listening to any pain in my body, I also watch my heart rate. Even if I seem to be doing well, but my HR is spiking for unknown reasons, I take it easy.

But for arguements sake, lets say the body is saying todays workout is a go. No pain. HR is maintaining, or even low. But for some reason the workout is feeling almost impossible. What then.

It may just seem like something everyone says, but it really is so much more.

Yesterday I was running. The plan was to try and finish either a 100min or 120min run. HR was great - even low. No pain. Body felt strong in fact.

HUGE pi$$ off. It was a BRAND NEW player. This was it's maiden voyage.

First thoughts, turn to Walmart and go tear a strip off of someone and get a new one.

Nope. It wasn't their fault it's garbage. Besides, the box is at the office. On Monday I can get the box and return it.

I can go buy a new one anyway. What a reward for finishing my run. I get to go SHOPPING.

I decided to turn my attitude. With the right attitude, I could still finish this run. I might even discover I like running without music.

I wasn't going to let this keep me from trying to reach my goal. So I pushed on.

It worked. I made it to 100min. But that was from listenening to my body. As I rounded that corner, I was starting to hurt. I was also a 5min walk from the finish point. It was all good.

This is not the only time that my attitude pushed me through.

Just something to keep in mind. If the workout seems harder than it should be, try an attitude check. You might be surprised.

And the saying "fake it 'til you make it" is good to keep in mind here. If you don't feel the positive, I can do it attitude, fake it.

Just try it. Banish all negative thinking towards your workout.

"I can't make it"
"I'm gonna throw up" - think this one enough and watch those cookies get tossed.
"It's too hard"
"I don't deserve to be successful"
"It can wait until tomorrow"

It all has to go. Replace those thoughts with

"I can do this"
"I am xx% done already. I can finish strong!"
"I deserve the success that I will feel with finishing"
"Pushing will only lead me to loose more weight/gain endurance/go farther next time"
"I can't wait to brag about my accomplishment on SP when I'm done"
"It'll feel so great to be successful and done"
"I am making full use of my time now"
"It's my time for success!"

I can be one of the most pessemistic people you've ever met. It has taken a lot of work to actually use this. But it's so worth it.

Fight back. You Are Worth It!

This blog came about because of an attitude issue I'm having today.  I am over the top upset.  What set me off?  My breakfast was screwed up again this morning.  I mean, it's not like I don't ever eat there.  It's the only place in town I eat breakfast.  The have to custom make stuff for me, because of my food allergies.  But can they seem to get it right?   only about 50% of the time.  I was so mad.  It amazed even me. 

I decided right then and there, no more.  I won't waste my time trying to eat there anymore. 

But I still don't get why I'm so upset. 

I think a big part of it is my room mates behavior lately. 

He's back to ranting and raving about stupid things.  I don't care about that so much.  My issue is when he's yelling about it.  He doesn't even know he's doing it. 

Last night, we went to DQ for some ice cream.  He started.  No biggie.  But while we were driving back, he got so angry and so loud, he actually physically upset me.  I had to stop eating my ice cream.  He was screaming and swearing about this whole situation from the past.  Actually re-living it.  And I gotta tell you.  It NEVER HAPPENED!!!  I know this. 

He acts like he's this big protector of right and wrong.  And he's always right.  He's always wronged by someone else.  It's that narcisistic thing with him...

I know how he is.  He feels wronged, he storms off.  Drinks.  Smokes.  He will not confront anyone.  If I even mention how much his anger when he's re-living these things is upsetting me, he'll get mad and retreat.  No talking to me about it.  No seeing how much it is really making me physically sick.  Just retreat and tell anyone who'll listen that I have done him wrong. 

Anyhow, based on my reaction to breakfast this morning, it's getting to me more than I even realize.  I'm so glad he's gone for a while today.  Give me some space.

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